SACFS Satellite Tracking and Emergency Trial

The TurboTrack GPS tracking solution that has been trialed by SACFS has assisted with a rapid response to emergency calls.
The real-time vehicle location data is critical to being able to dispatch the nearest and most suitably equipped vehicle to respond to an emergency. And during post-response reviews, the vehicle’s journey can be replayed to show its location, how it was being driven and the status of functions such as lights and sirens. The visibility of appliances at an emergency incident is vital for the incident controllers as it allows them to orchestrate all appliances to ensure they are in the appropriate positions to be able to quickly deal with the emergency. The addition of SACFS incidents and wind direction overlayed on the interface map creates an “All In One” service that keeps all information on the one system for easy visual access to relevant information.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.22.22 am

In any situation the real-time visibility of SACFS appliances helps avoid traffic jams, roadworks or other obstacles so crews get to their destination faster and more reliably. The TurboTrack GPS interface tracks the vehicle’s location even in remote areas where the SAGRN, VHF and cellular devices have no signal.
The SACFS trial also included an on-dash wired emergency duress button that when activated by the crew, lights up letting the crew know that the button had been pressed, the base then gets an alert via the interface with the status and location of the unit so that the operator can respond appropriately. When the interface operator acknowledges the alert, a 2nd light on the emergency box lights up letting the crew know that the emergency alert has been acknowledged and help is on its way. This would be particularly helpful if crews ever find themselves in a ‘Burn Over’ where all other communications are lost as it gives the crew the peace of mind knowing that someone is coming to assist them.