Mototrbo 2-Way Radio Tracking


MOTOTRBO combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology, making it the ideal communication solution for your business.

Easy to deploy, GPS Location Services provides the location tracking of people and vehicles when taking advantage of the MOTOTRBO data capability.

This advanced approach uses a GPS modem and receiver integrated within both the portable and mobile radios. MOTOTRBO Radios allow you to track your assets using our fleet management interface.


The MOTOTRBO platform has proven to be reliable and robust and continues to grow in features such as Bluetooth capability, Job Dispatch and Mandown Capability.

Turbo Track has taken the extensive features of MOTOTRBO and given it full Telematics by adding Driver Identification, ODBII Engine Management and Garmin Nuvi Interface all via Bluetooth. Making the Motorola MOTOTRBO the most feature rich radio on the market today. Ask as about our next generation of Vehicle Interface Module for the latest series of MOTOTRBO.

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Fleet Management, MOTOTRBO 2-Way Radio and Satellite. TurboTrack Fleet Management can provide a gps tracking solution to fit your needs.
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