A powerful web-based enterprise application that offers live tracking and detailed reporting functionality for asset or vehicle management.


The web interface’s features are accessible via the website from any location and this sophisticated solution is also backed by cloud-based servers for performance and reliability. Customers have the ability to manage their fleet including instant location of a vehicle or asset and viewing its status, managing drivers and customized geofences. The application can provide text messaging direct from the interface to drivers and trackers, as well as emergency response functionality and detailed reporting.


The web interface features many key functions including real time tracking which offers instant accessibility of trackers on the system.

  • Live Tracking and Location
  • Ignition Status, Direction and Speed
  • Driver Management and Identification
  • Geofences and Alerts
  • Google Earth Overlay
  • Trip, Distance, Idle and Driver Reports
  • Messaging
  • Fleet Management Dashboard

Customers can view the status, location and direction of vehicles at a glance on an easy to use map. The interface offers the option of downloading the tracker information and viewing it through Google Earth which provides added functionality.


Easy to use menus offer instant access to trackers, drivers, geofences, messaging and reporting features. Geofences, a geographical area where users can be notified of trackers entering or exiting certain boundaries, can be customized to a customer’s needs by simply dragging and dropping a polygon shape onto the map. All reports can be viewed online and exported to an Excel or PDF file.





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