Fleet Management Interface

The Turbo Track web interface is a sophisticated web-based enterprise solution that provides live tracking and detailed reporting functionality for asset management and protection. All features can be accessed via the website from anywhere in the world and the application is supported by reliable cloud-based servers for optimal performance. Customers can manage their fleet including easy instant location of the asset and viewing asset status, as well as manage their drivers and maintain designated geofences. The application also offers text messaging from the interface direct to individual trackers and their drivers, as well as detailed reports and emergency response functionality.


MOTOTRBO 2-Way Radio Tracking

MOTOTRBO combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology, making it the ideal  communication solution for your business. Easy to deploy, GPS Location Services provides the location tracking of people and vehicles when taking advantage of the MOTOTRBO data capability. This advanced approach uses a GPS modem and receiver integrated within both the portable and mobile radios.
MOTOTRBO Radios allow you to track your assets using our fleet management interface.


Cellular GSM / UMTS Tracking

Turbo Track has a range of GSM and UMTS devices for tracking on any cellular network. Our flagship is the AU5 Next-G tracker with 1-Wire interface for Driver Identification and Temperature Sensors.

This device is extremely robust and stable and has optional ODBII and Garmin Nuvi interface. With a wide DC voltage range and 5 x Digital and 1 x Analogue Input it fills most solutions.

All these features and the benefit of operating on any network including the vast coverage of Telstra Next-G. For ease of installation we have trackers that install purely by plugging into the ODBII port of the vehicle.

These can be moved easily between vehicles for temporary fleets or domestic use. They also have the smarts to extract Engine Management Data, control wireless relays and provide Harsh Driving events. The Turbo Track Cellular offering is being used from Street Sweepers to Rubbish Trucks to Mining/Oil & Gas operations.

Turbo Track Cellular provides the most versatile and the most data of all our offerings so far and there is more to come.




Satellite Tracking

For reliable remote area tracking we have multiple options on multiple platforms. From the very reliable D2 and Explorer BGAN with PTT Closed User Group (CUG) to an Iridium Extreme Portable Satellite Telephone.

Turbo Track has tracking units operating in the harshest parts of Central Australia including the Tanami Desert. Turbo Track Satellite needs to be robust and reliable as the tracking unit may be the difference between living or perishing in harsh conditions.

Turbo Track Satellite gives peace of mind for staff operating in remote locations anywhere on the planet. We have satellite devices on all the major Satellite networks like Iridium, GlobalStar, Inmarsat and Thuraya. We can also offer Satellite PTT CUG which is like having a radio network with a repeater in the sky that your vehicles can access from anywhere.




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