Multiple Devices. One System.

TurboTrack offers a comprehensive tracking system for multiple devices including Motorola Mototrbo portable and mobile radios, satellite devices, and cellular GSM and UMTS tracking devices.


Web Based Fleet Management

The TurboTrack web interface is user-friendly and simple to view trackers, edit and assess trackers and drivers, and run and assess reporting features.


Custom Development

Our company has in-house programmers that are constantly developing new features and expanding the capabilities of the system to improve our interface. Further, we can offer unique customized functionality as required by customers.


Emergency Alerts

The hardware utilised by TurboTrack offers an emergency response function. The Motorola Mototrbo radios have an in-built emergency button which drivers can trigger in an emergency situation. An SMS or email notification will be automatically to the designated person, as well as an instant alert on the interface itself. Other devices can have a similar emergency button installed later, and will work on vehicle, asset or staff trackers.


Detailed Reporting

TurboTrack's interface features many reports including a detailed, trip and replay report of trackers based on dates and time. Other reports on offer include driver and geofence information, as well as ignition and overspeed reporting options.


Vehicle Sensor Data Monitoring

The interface also features telemetry equipment which can be fitted to the vehicle to monitor driver behaviour including over-revving a vehicle, harsh braking and acceleration. Further, this feature can obtain OBDII information such as engine faults and overheating, all of which can be sent into the system for reporting and visual display.


API Integration

The TurboTrack system offers integration with many third party software solutions, which can expand functionality and convenience for customers. The interface currently works with Google Earth, and can be supplied to customers as a feed for a third party system. For more details, please contact support@turbotrack.com.au.

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