TurboTrack was established in 2007 when Motorola released its MOTOTRBO Digital Radio product in Australia.

The Motorola offering had built-in GPS and the ability to send this data to a server. The only problem was a lack of suitable software to utilise these features to their potential. So a software programmer and a radio guy teamed up to develop an innovative solution to this dilemma and TurboTrack was born.

These same two guys - who still think outside the square today - weren’t convinced a radio solution would suit all. They decided a Cellular Solution was also required for urban fleets. It was also decided that not just any Cellular Solution would do. It had to work on any network and it had to work on Australia’s largest network, Telstra Next-G.

The new system also needed to do more than just track. It had to identify drivers and get engine management information direct from the vehicle and it needed to be robust and reliable. What they came up with was the AU5 which did all that and more. This product also offers remote diagnostics and over-the-air firmware upgrade and interface to a Garmin Nuvi.

This was all good however there was still a gap. What about those that Radio or Cellular products that wouldn't suit the system? Again, they combined efforts to find a Satellite Solution that would fill that gap. Today TurboTrack tracks Satellite Devices on all the major satellite networks like Iridium, Globalstar and Inmarsat. What will they come up with next? WiFi, 4G? Who knows? The development never ends at TurboTrack!!!

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